Tesla Powerwall: Keeping Nevada County Fully Charged

Tesla Powerwall: Keeping Nevada County Fully Charged

As PG&E plans to implement power shutoffs to reduce the risk of wildfires, one of the most popular energy storage systems, the Tesla Powerwall, offers California homeowners with an energy solution that provides control and predictability. Powerwall allows users to monitor and control home energy use, maintain a sustained power supply, and detect grid outages in advance from a simple mobile app. The home battery is child and pet-friendly and made to provide families security and financial benefits during power outages or when backup power is needed.

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Tesla Powerwall is a compact, lithium-ion home battery. The home battery can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted and stores energy from either the grid or rooftop solar panels. The Backup-Only power mode allows homeowners to conserve 100% of the Powerwall’s energy in the case it needs to supply the home seamless power in the event of an outage. Tesla recommends 2 Powerwalls per household based on an estimated energy usage of 30 kWh/day, estimating a minimum of 7 days of power during an outage.

Powerwall Installed with Solar

When Powerwall is installed with solar, electricity flows through the solar panels and is utilized throughout the house. Excess energy generated during the day will then be stored and later used during the evenings. By doing so, Powerwall’s Time-Based Control (also referred to as Load Shifting) helps homeowners maximize their savings by alternating between solar and grid electricity, while minimizing their reliance on the utility grid.

Powerwall Installed without Solar

While Cal solar highly recommends that the Powerwall is paired with solar, it is possible to use one without solar. When Powerwall is installed without solar, the battery draws electricity from the utility grid at the lowest rate as utility prices vary throughout the day. When electricity prices vary, homeowners are on time-of-use plans. Similar to Powerwalls installed with solar, Time-Based Control will generate immediate savings by smartly charging and discharging from the grid. In the case of a grid outage, Powerwall provides support by utilizing stored energy and automatically becoming the home’s main energy source.

Fully Charged and Self-Sufficient

Powerwall allows homeowners located in Nevada County to detect power outages in advance and have a seamless backup power experience. The battery storage possesses a reliable source of energy back-up and allows residents to become self-sufficient. California Solar Electric Company’s experienced solar and Tesla certified installers can empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions on how you can stay fully charged while maximizing your solar system and Powerwall’s value.

If you are interested in learning how our solar systems and Powerwall installations can provide you with a continuous cycle of clean, renewable energy, you can fill out the online form here or call (530) 274-3671 and speak to our solar designers today.

Powerwall is designed to qualify for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) when it is installed on a solar system and is charged 100% with solar energy. It does not qualify when installed without solar or if solar is installed after Powerwall.