Mutual admiration society

Mutual admiration society

When a business mission and culture is that of environmentalism, it is a way of life for the entire team.

Immersing the team in the broader environmental community is a philosophy of California Solar Electric Company (Cal Solar).

“We are a values-driven company and we put worker and community benefit at the core of our purpose,” said Cal Solar’s Senior Project Manager Angelica Niblock.

One such community benefit is the South Yuba River Citizens League’s (SYRCL) Wild & Scenic Film Festival. “We have been buying passes for our employees for the past several years to attend the Wild & Scenic Film Festival,” Angelica said. “It’s one of the best things that happens in this community all year round. It’s where activists go to get inspired.”

Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival website states that the festival inspires people to heal the earth. It is a call to action. Festivalgoers are transformed into activists dedicated to saving our threatened planet. The environmental and adventure films illustrate the Earth’s beauty. They also show the challenges facing our planet and the communities working to protect it. The festival is also a means of raising resources for SYRCL to recover California’s wild salmon and protect the Yuba River.

Melinda Booth is SYRCL’s director.

“Cal Solar has been a very generous sponsor of the organization as a whole. They provide monetary support, but they engage, as well.” she said. ”They purchase tickets and they encourage proactive participation. They are at the parties, films, they have a general presence, as well as attendees.”

Yuba River cleanup

Cal Solar’s Casey Tomasi is a solar installer. He has enjoyed free passes and volunteering at the festival. He speaks highly of Cal Solar’s involvement with SYRCL, including the Yuba River cleanup. He says it’s one of the reasons he joined the staff at Cal Solar.

“I chose to work for Cal Solar over other businesses because of their philosophy of doing things differently, with environmental stewardship and community relations an equal or higher priority as profits.” Casey said.

“Cal Solar not only provides financial support for the Yuba River Cleanup, they pull together a Cal Solar team,” Melinda said. “They ask all their employees to help clean up the river, and to help beautify the community. They even had matching Cal Solar river cleanup T-shirts made … which was cute. They were a large presence at the picnic and the volunteer appreciation party.”

“As part of our mission, we try to invest and engage in other organizations that enhance our values of the 3Ps as they are commonly known: people, profit, planet, by encouraging our employees to get out of the office, and into the volunteer space.” Angelica said. “We like to learn about our employees on a more personal level, break down traditional hierarchical walls and assist in projects that provide a better future for our planet and community. Also, as part of that, we hope to inspire individuals to participate in whatever gets them going.”

“We are really very grateful,” Melinda said. “For their support and the work they do for the environment.”


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