When Travis Davis isn’t out soaking up the sun, he’s helping others do it in their homes as part of the residential design team with California Solar Electric Company (CSEC) in Grass Valley.

On staff since May of 2017, Travis meets with residential clients at their home.

“It’s fun I get to help people feel comfortable with something I believe in: solar energy,” he said. “Every single person at Cal Solar… I consider them all friends. It’s such an awesome place to work. On weekends we’ll hang out and go hiking or to the river. I love everyone on our team. It’s a cool job; I enjoy every aspect of it and enjoy the people I do it with.”

And CSEC blends well with the environment of Nevada County. “It’s unique to me. I think the Cal Solar team is representative of the Grass Valley/Nevada City culture,” Travis said. “There’s a real family environment; a common connection. Cal Solar represents, as a business organization, what Nevada County is.”

Here is an article about Travis published in the Union Newspaper on Friday, July 25, 2018.