California Solar Electric Co. Hosts Guests from Turkmenistan

California Solar Electric Co. Hosts Guests from Turkmenistan

California Solar Electric Company hosted a group of delegates visiting from Turkmenistan in conjunction with University of Nevada’s Northern Nevada International Center Visitor Exchange Program (NNIC). The guests are seeking new energy solutions for both urban and rural areas of Turkmenistan.

In addition to meeting some of California Solar’s installation team, the group visited Erickson Woodworking’s off grid installation on the San Juan Ridge. “Erickson Woodworking’s site is really unique in that it is rural, off grid and supports a significant manufacturing facility.” notes Lars Ortegren, California Solar Owner. This is an installation that demonstrates how rural areas can create jobs without an integrated electrical distribution system. Many third world countries find themselves in a position to ‘leapfrog’ and skip some of the steps in creating a large-scale network, much the way cell phones have allowed a technology to completely skip on-the-ground networks, solar energy can be stored and used on site creating new possibilities for radical improvements in living conditions and new opportunities for commerce.

Carina Black, PhD and Executive Director of NNIC explained the importance of cultural and technology exchange comes down to individual relations. “Our center has as a core value the belief that mutual respect between individuals leads to respect between nations.”

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