Cal Solar Employees Explore Becoming Worker-Owned Co-op

Cal Solar Employees Explore Becoming Worker-Owned Co-op


California Solar Electric Company is featured on this season’s cover of BriarPatch Coop’s publication, The Vine. We appreciate working with BriarPatch, building their new photovoltaic solar energy system. It is a great match of cooperative values, community resources and sustainability.

Included here are a few excerpts from the article that explain a bit more about the process we are engaged in as we examine the possibility of becoming a worker-owned cooperative.

From The Vine:

Cooperatives are enterprises that are owned, controlled, and operated for the benefit of the members, and are democratically governed on the principle of one member, one vote. In a consumer cooperative like BriarPatch, the voting members are the people who buy the goods from the business. A worker cooperative’s members are the people who work in the co-op, and are referred to as worker-owners.

“We have been incredibly lucky to find a staff of value-aligned solar professionals who love their jobs and want to see the company succeed. Since deciding through a staff training and vote to formally convert to a worker co-op, nearly every member of the staff is part of a working group or committee to draft our founding documents and create a strategic plan, and is also intimately involved in our finances,” said Lars Ortegren, California Solar owner.

Cal Solar hopes to be the first worker-owned co-op to incorporate under the new co-op designation in the state of California, and the first worker-owned solar co-op in the state.

Read the full article here.

Celebrate BriarPatch’s 40th Anniversary and watch for our announcement of the solar parking lot structure completion. We will be at BriarPatch to answer your questions about going solar on a few select dates in October. Look forward to seeing you at ‘The Patch’ soon!