Be the Smartest Contractor (or Home Owner!) in the Room

Be the Smartest Contractor (or Home Owner!) in the Room

Adding Solar to your Construction or Remodel Project, Plus, Get Up to Date on New PG&E Policies

California Solar Electric Company is offering a free lecture to help homeowners, architects and builders learn how to plan for solar as part of your building project and also how to make retrofitting solar easy. Solutions that will help optimize performance and find an aesthetically pleasing renewable energy system will be presented.

Learn efficient techniques for designing solar into a new project, how to streamline retrofitting an existing solar project and in general, get the most from your renewable energy system.

Solar panel install on new residential home constructionThis brief talk will answer these questions: What should an electrical service look like for a solar addition? What considerations should be made when siting a building? Are certain roof materials more effective than others? How do new fire regulations affect solar installations?

Title 24 calculations are considering making new homes Zero Net Energy, meaning they produce as much electricity as they consume. Get ahead of the curve and learn how to design the homes of the future today.

California Solar uses a wide range of materials and will provide insights into the best type of solar panels for specific projects. We will also offer an update on critical new PG&E regulations, which could save homeowners as much as 20% on their energy bills.

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