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Did you know that most of our business comes from referrals?

Since 2000, California Solar Electric Company has become no stranger to accolades and awards. According to The Union, our solar cooperative has a reputation for being Nevada County’s “Best Solar Company” because of our highly skilled team and personalized client care. Also, we are a proud SunPower Elite dealer and offer high-quality solar systems with the best warranties!

In honor of spreading the solar love, we’ve created a referral program that you can enjoy. When your friends and family go solar with us, we will reward you with $500 and your referral with a complimentary energy consultation! It’s that easy!

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1. Fill out our referral form here.

2. Sit back, relax…and

3. Let our solar experts handle the rest! 🙂

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. The more California Solar love you spread, the more you earn! Also, by becoming a solar advocate you are helping the planet and encouraging renewable energy…and $500 is a nice perk too! Thank you to our loyal customers, we greatly appreciate you!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Review: “We purchased home solar from Cal Solar exactly one year ago. Our power bills were as high as $400 per month in the summer and now we only pay $142 monthly for our solar loan. Our first year ends in 2 days and it looks like our solar system generated more than 85% of our total annual electrical usage. This drops our annual PG&E electrical bill to about $300. We Love Cal Solar! Great team of sales professionals and installers.” – Roger K.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Yelp Review: “Just got my 1st True Up from PG&E and it’s $-4.50. I’ve loved my Solar from California Solar since we went through the quote to the installation and Go Live of the system. All last Summer my PG&E bills were $5-10 even with running the A/C due to us producing and sending extra Solar to the Grid. Thanks California Solar!!!!” – Suzanne A.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Facebook Review: “I love having solar. When I get my electric bill, I owe nothing!! It’s not even something that I think about. Electricity is here just like always, just no end of the month bill. It has been over a year and I have not had any problems with this system and expect that I will not in the future. Thank you Cal-Solar for recommending such a great product and installing it properly and quickly.” – Teri P.

Start earning $500 today! Fill out our referral form by clicking here.

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events can prevent wildfires but can create life-threatening situations for older adults and people with disabilities, due to lack of backup power sources for life-sustaining medical devices and assistive technology for independent living. FREED and California Solar Electric Company are now banding together to ensure Nevada County older adults and people with disabilities are prepared for planned power outages by delivering Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Power Stations and educational resources to those in need.

Together, along with FREED volunteers, these partners will help provide FREED consumers with “energy independence for life-sustaining medical devices in order to maintain health, dignity, and independence through the deployment of these batteries,” stated Brian Snyder, FREED’s Disability Disaster Coordinator.

“Goal Zero Yeti 3000 utilizes the latest and greatest battery technology. The portable battery houses a 280Ah battery that can power small devices, making it a great alternative power solution during power shutoff events,” said Sean Leydon, Solar Electrician of California Solar Electric Company. Along with providing Goal Zero Yeti battery deliveries, Nevada County Media and California Solar Electric Company joined forces to create a Goal Zero Yeti 3000 instructional video that is easily accessible and shares useful information on backup energy solutions for FREED consumers and community members.

In a state that is gripped by climate crisis and known for having power shutoffs that are disproportionally felt within marginalized communities, California Solar Electric Company strives to deliver the very best in solar and battery storage solutions. As a worker-owned cooperative focused on building resilient communities, California Solar Electric Company understands the importance of having energy backup and empowering people to endure the difficulties posed by Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events during fire season. By delivering the Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Power Stations, both California Solar Electric Company, PG&E, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC) and FREED will help build durable energy solutions, especially for Nevada County residents who need it most.

About FREED: FREED’s mission is to promote independence and self-determination for people with disabilities through person-driven services, collaborative community partnerships and education, and leadership that advocates for fully inclusive communities. For more information, visit www.freed.org or follow them on Facebook.

About California Solar Electric Company: With over 1,100 installs since 2000, California Solar Electric Company is the first worker-owned cooperative in Nevada County and the first solar worker-owned cooperative in California. California Solar’s award-winning team is recognized for their exceptionally high-quality work, proven experience, and best commercial and residential installation practices. For more information, visit www.californiasolarco.com or follow along on Facebook.

We are currently hiring for this position.


Position Overview

Do you like the feeling of standing on a roof, feeling the sun on your face, wind in your hair (under your helmet)?
Do you have a strong work ethic, a passion for the environment and desire to learn the electrical trade?
Do you feel comfortable working at heights, have the ability to lift 70 lbs and have a clean driving record?
Do you play well with others?

If you answered YES to all the questions – we have your dream job!


We are currently hiring for this position.


Position Overview

The Installation Manager is the conduit between the Management of the cooperative and the installation teams (Residential, Commercial, and Energy Storage) to help them in maintaining our level of workmanship while increasing team efficiency. Installation Manager will work with the Sales Director and Project Management to set attainable goals and will be responsible for the crew’s expansion or contraction depending upon the strategic needs of the Co-Op.She/he will provide Guidance to Project management to set realistic goals for number of jobs per week and will have key input in setting strategic milestones for the Cooperative.


Overwhelming energy demand caused by extreme heat has taxed the energy grid and caused rolling blackouts. As a result, California energy consumers have had to prepare for and endure prolonged power outages which are necessary to reduce system strain during a heat wave. These power disruptions, which alternate segments of utility customers losing electricity for long periods at a time, are meant to prevent demand from triggering a more widespread strain and possible collapse of the energy grid that could last days.

Now more than ever is a good time to start planning your energy independence in preparation for next year’s fire season. Extreme heat, downed transmission lines from high wind storms, or power shutoffs from fires, which have recently ravaged California, all bring notice and attention to the need for alternative solutions for our energy needs and solar and battery systems. According to Rueters, “The full extent of outages is a moving target that hinges largely on how much energy customers might conserve during the day as part of a Flex Alert declared by the agency…urging consumers to voluntarily scale back electricity use.” These power disruptions highlight the importance and need of solar and battery solutions.  Our team at California Solar Electric Company  is experiencing an increase in solar demand, causing residents to plan in advance and book home battery installations into the spring of 2021. 

The only way to reduce the risk of hardship of a blackout is to store the solar power your system generates on-site. To store energy generated from solar panels requires the installation of a solar battery backup system, such as Tesla Powerwall or Sonnen Eco. Having battery power storage may initially be more costly but it does mean that your home will continue to run on electricity even when the rest of the neighborhood cannot.

With over 20 years of solar industry experience, California Solar Electric Company has been empowering northern California homeowners and businesses with the best available options that would prevent power disruptions caused by extreme weather or demands on the energy grid. If you are a Northern California resident interested in the transition to a solar battery backup system and would like a free quote or learn more about the difference between the Tesla Powerwall or Sonnen Eco, give our team at California Solar Electric Company a call today at (530) 274-3671.

California Solar Electric Company was ranked as a “Top Solar Contractor” by Solar Power World. The industry media outlet recently ranked the 2020 Top Commercial and Residential Solar Contractors which honored California Solar Electric Company according to it’s influence in the U.S. solar industry in 2019. 

With over 20 years of solar industry experience, California Solar Electric Company has provided alternative energy solutions to Northern California homeowners and businesses, including several staple community projects. Together, our co-op team aims to provide superior service, quality craftsmanship and innovative solar solutions that fit your green energy needs as well as your budget.

California Solar Electric Company knows how to deliver the best solar and energy storage solutions. Despite the pandemic, our team has continued to grow and expand it’s services thanks to a strong community support we are so grateful for.

Contact us about how we can create an innovative solar solution with the benefit of battery storage. Our team of experts can help you learn how to get the maximum benefit for investing in a California 2020 solar installation. Learn how you can deduct 26 percent of the installation costs from federal taxes by obtaining your personalized solar quote here.

Solar energy keeps getting more affordable. Since solar costs are falling fast unlike finite fossil fuels, it makes sense why the state of California now requires all new single family and multifamily homes under three stories to include solar energy. Despite the environmental benefits, the new mandate has influenced Californians to grow a collective interest in switching to solar. EnergySage Solar Marketplace discovered a shopper can save nearly $9,000 on the cost of going solar as a result of the current ITC. Therefore, the rise of solar has influenced others to also learn how they can smartly invest in a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly solar system.

Pro-solar policies mixed with financial benefits have made people aware that getting the maximum California solar tax credit and incentives is better than receiving a lower amount. According to EnergySage, the best time to go solar is now due to the dwindling Investment Tax Credit (ITC) incentives listed below:

EnergySage ITC Tax Credit Specifics:

2016 – 2019: ITC tax credit remains at 30 percent of the cost of the solar system

2020: Owners of new residential and commercial solar panels can deduct 26 percent of the total cost of the solar system from their taxes

2021: Owners of new residential and commercial solar panel systems can deduct 22 percent of the total cost of the solar panel system from their taxes

2022 onwards: Federal credit for residential solar energy is no longer available – owners of new commercial solar panel systems can deduct 10 percent of the cost of the solar panels from their taxes

The Investment Tax Credit was created to allow individuals or businesses to deduct a certain percentage of solar investment costs from their taxes established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, expiring in 2007. However, Congress extended the expiration date several times in support of the US economy and its transition to clean, renewable energy. Due to the ever-changing policies, the ITC makes it imperative for Californians to invest in their solar systems sooner rather than later.

With over 20 years of solar industry experience, California Solar Electric Company has been empowering northern California homeowners and businesses to qualify for affordable solar systems. Our team of experts can help you learn how to get the maximum benefit for investing in a California 2020 solar installation. Learn how you can deduct 26 percent of the installation costs from federal taxes by obtaining your personalized solar quote here.

With approximately 15 million people residing in Northern California, it’s challenging at times to find a solar company that has your best interests at heart. Solar installation projects can be tricky and it’s essential for homeowners to do their research when hiring a solar company that offers affordable, high-quality energy solutions that best fits their needs.

This article is intended to help northern California homeowners learn how to identify the best solar companies in their area.

Hire Local Solar Professionals

When researching the best solar companies near you, it’s important to hire certified solar experts that understand how a solar installation will improve your quality of life and maximize your benefits. According to mynevadacounty.com, as much as 92% of Nevada County, CA is located within high and very-high hazard severity zones for wildfires. It’s no surprise that Nevada County homeowners and those residing in the surrounding areas are seeking solar solutions that provide consistent back-up energy in the case of emergencies. That said, many residents in northern California are willing to do business with the best, local solar company even if they are waitlisted for a few months for solar installation.

Maintaining a Valuable and Long-Standing Reputation

Hiring local, solar professionals that other homeowners trust can give you confidence and a peace of mind with your solar investment. Reputable solar experts will analyze your energy consumption to help you save the most money while also doing their best to lower operational costs. If a solar company actively maintains a good reputation over a long period of time, this shows their commitment to providing clients the greatest savings and highest quality of service and products.

Unfortunately, 50% of solar companies fail before they are five years old. Company failure can create terrible experiences for former clients when it comes to repairs and maintenance requests. These failures can cause warranties to become void, leaving clients with no coverage.

Call California Solar Electric Company for A Free Estimate

Installing solar for 20 years, California Solar Electric Company is a reputable solar panel installation service provider serving Nevada County. We are a proud SunPower Elite dealer and offer high-quality solar systems with the best warranties. According to The Union, our solar cooperative has a reputation for being Nevada County’s “Best Solar Company” because we care for our clients like they’re family, ensuring all of their financial and environmental needs are met.

Call our solar experts and get a free estimate on how much you can save at (530)-274-3671.

With the wildfire season in full swing, California is becoming known for its power outages and rolling blackouts, especially as PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) becomes a new reality. Although PG&E’s preemptive blackouts are due to electrical system updates and are more likely to occur in high-risk fire areas, inconvenient power outages can also be caused by a variety of other reasons, such as earthquakes, heat waves, high winds and winter storms. Not only can outages cause communities to lose access to modern conveniences like wireless internet and air conditioning, but they can create unsafe environments for homes and businesses.

As millions of Californians are impacted by PG&E power shutoffs, alternative power providers such as California Solar Electric Company are committed to providing local communities reliable energy solutions and a peace of mind during these stressful times. If you live in an area with frequent or lengthy power outages, investing in battery backup or generators are two reliable energy solutions that can help reduce uncertainty by providing energy security.

The following information explains your backup power options and the main differences between systems:

Backup Generator or Battery

The costs of backup power installation for a home or business greatly depends on the amount of power you need and the equipment you choose. A portable generator provides temporary solutions powered by gasoline and can power small appliances, such as lights, a computer, TV and mobile chargers, costing a minimum of $1,000; whereas a standby home generator, which can supply power for an entire home can cost $10,000 and above. If you plan to run heavy electrical loads such as multiple AC units, generators remain the recommended energy backup solution but can increase in costs up to $30,000. Unlike fossil-fueled generators, upfront costs for backup batteries may be higher but fortunately, battery backup power systems help homeowners and businesses maximize their energy efficiency and include financing options that can offer a lifetime of fuel savings when paired with solar.

The following are a few key points to consider when deciding between battery or fossil fueled generators:

    • Backup battery costs are high, but with the lifetime savings on fuel can offset the upfront costs.
    • Fueling a battery has lower environmental impact compared to fossil-fueled generators.
    • Home battery backup systems have low noise levels, whereas home generators have a reputation for being noisy.
    • Re-fueling costs, annual maintenance and inspection are required by professional technicians are necessary for generators.
    • California Solar Electric Company can provide you the maximum savings on renewable solar energy and storage solutions.

While generators appear to be the simplest and cheapest option, their environmental impact and need for regular maintenance are important drawbacks to consider. Home battery systems draw power from the sun’s natural resources indefinitely, while generators need continuous refueling during use. Similar to a backup battery, generators are capable of detecting power outages and automatically switch to the generator’s power supply. Newer battery backup systems like the Tesla Powerwall are now considered a smart cleaner investment.

Go Solar with a Battery Backup

Powerwalls can reduce your reliance on the grid and include a 10-year warranty. The smart technology integration allows homeowners and businesses to monitor their own energy consumption by energy tracking. These lithium-ion backup batteries can also connect to a solar panel, also known as a PV (Photovoltaic) system, and the electrical grid. Because of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC)  26% rate in 2020, the costs of combined solar-plus-storage systems have dramatically dropped and become more available to residents across the state.

Energy collected from solar panels or the electrical grid is stored within the backup battery system for later use. In the event of a power outage, the system will switch from the grid and begin pulling power from the battery, such as the Tesla Powerwall.

Solar Energy System and Power Outages

Solar panels work by capturing the sun’s energy in order to create direct current (DC) electricity.  Since most establishments run on alternate current (AC) electricity, DC electricity is converted to AC electricity through an inverter. When PG&E goes down or AC electricity goes out during inclement weather, solar panels cannot serve as a backup when solar inverters turn off. Even if this was not the case, solar energy from solar panels should not be used in order to protect utility repairmen restoring power and the possibility of backflow power becoming dangerous.

Selecting Your Power Solution

Understanding your overall power usage is important when selecting a backup power solution. Knowledge of your energy usage is even more important if you live in a disaster-prone area where outages may occur. Tesla Powerwalls or home generators can provide you with the backup energy and assurance you need.  If you feel you need additional protection from loss of power, solar-plus-storage can be the answer while also saving you money on fuel in the long-term in an energy-efficient and eco-friendly way.

As leading solar providers in northern California, California Solar takes pride in providing 20 years of residential solar energy installation experience. Together, our solar cooperative aims to provide high-quality renewable, clean energy at an affordable cost. While a solar panel system cannot solely provide backup energy during a PSPS event, solar-plus-storage is a considerably more safe, cost-effective investment that serves as a resilient resource during grid outages.

Ready to explore effective backup energy options? California Solar backup solutions can cover any of your energy needs in the event of an outage. Contact us to gain tips on assessing your electricity needs by booking a virtual appointment with our energy experts today!

As PG&E plans to implement power shutoffs to reduce the risk of wildfires, one of the most popular energy storage systems, the Tesla Powerwall, offers California homeowners with an energy solution that provides control and predictability. Powerwall allows users to monitor and control home energy use, maintain a sustained power supply, and detect grid outages in advance from a simple mobile app. The home battery is child and pet-friendly and made to provide families security and financial benefits during power outages or when backup power is needed.

How Tesla Powerwall Works

Tesla Powerwall is a compact, lithium-ion home battery. The home battery can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted and stores energy from either the grid or rooftop solar panels. The Backup-Only power mode allows homeowners to conserve 100% of the Powerwall’s energy in the case it needs to supply the home seamless power in the event of an outage. Tesla recommends 2 Powerwalls per household based on an estimated energy usage of 30 kWh/day, estimating a minimum of 7 days of power during an outage.

Powerwall Installed with Solar

When Powerwall is installed with solar, electricity flows through the solar panels and is utilized throughout the house. Excess energy generated during the day will then be stored and later used during the evenings. By doing so, Powerwall’s Time-Based Control (also referred to as Load Shifting) helps homeowners maximize their savings by alternating between solar and grid electricity, while minimizing their reliance on the utility grid.

Powerwall Installed without Solar

While Cal solar highly recommends that the Powerwall is paired with solar, it is possible to use one without solar. When Powerwall is installed without solar, the battery draws electricity from the utility grid at the lowest rate as utility prices vary throughout the day. When electricity prices vary, homeowners are on time-of-use plans. Similar to Powerwalls installed with solar, Time-Based Control will generate immediate savings by smartly charging and discharging from the grid. In the case of a grid outage, Powerwall provides support by utilizing stored energy and automatically becoming the home’s main energy source.

Fully Charged and Self-Sufficient

Powerwall allows homeowners located in Nevada County to detect power outages in advance and have a seamless backup power experience. The battery storage possesses a reliable source of energy back-up and allows residents to become self-sufficient. California Solar Electric Company’s experienced solar and Tesla certified installers can empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions on how you can stay fully charged while maximizing your solar system and Powerwall’s value.

If you are interested in learning how our solar systems and Powerwall installations can provide you with a continuous cycle of clean, renewable energy, you can fill out the online form here or call (530) 274-3671 and speak to our solar designers today.

Powerwall is designed to qualify for the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) when it is installed on a solar system and is charged 100% with solar energy. It does not qualify when installed without solar or if solar is installed after Powerwall.