Solar for Homes

By installing your own solar system on your roof or property, you can take control of your power bills and lock in your rates for many years to come.

Many people believe that going solar is an expensive, complicated pursuit. This is not the case. From the initial meeting with your solar designer to connecting your system to the utility, we work with you every step of the way to make sure your savings come with peace of mind. Let us take the stress away and show you what your options are.

The steps to going solar are easy

Meet for a free solar evaluation.
1. Start working with one of our highly experienced system designers. You will be asked a few simple questions about your home, electrical usage and location of equipment.
Choose to lease, loan or buy your solar electric system.
2. Decide which funding option is right for you. Whether you decide to lease your solar system, take advantage of one of our reduced interest loans or pay cash, we will do our best to get you on the path of savings and sustainability.
Solar installation process.
3. Watch our unmatched installation unfold in front of your eyes. With one of the most highly trained installation crews out there, you’ll be able to see how meticulous industry professionals install your new home solar system.
Your solar investment earns a great return.
4. Let your investment work for you. You will see your solar system working for you day after day, bringing you savings for many years. For the lifetime of your system, you will have access to the original installers, designers, and admin staff that were there from the beginning, so you never have to worry.
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