Solar for Business

When you own a business that requires large amounts of electrical resources, the size of your electrical bill can affect your entire business model.

You might be surprised at how much you’ll be able to lower your overhead, streamline your business and become more profitable with renewable energy. Whether you are running multiple wells, high powered lighting, refrigeration units or even just using electricity all day long, California Solar can help you save money and increase efficiency.

The steps to going solar are easy.

1. Our commercial design team is devoted to commercial projects and following them through to the end. You will be given undivided attention and support as you make this very important decision. With standards of technical design training rarely found elsewhere in the industry, rest assured that you have a well qualified ally with California Solar while exploring your alternatives to high priced electricity.
2. Decide which funding option is right for you. Whether you decide to lease your solar system, take advantage of one of our loans or pay cash in order to start saving money, our commercial designer will help you discover and analyze the options available.
3. Watch as our installation crew meticulously completes each stage of the project until the system is ready to connect to the grid and save you money.
4. Now that your business is outfitted with it’s own power production plant, your business can eliminate the financial stress of electrical overhead and redirect assets to more productive pursuits.
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